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How to Choose the Right Psychic Readings Website

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Most of the time it can be hard to know what’s just around the corner. Many people find that knowing what’s coming can help make it easier to deal with. That’s why a psychic reading can help – those who believe in the power of the spiritual and the supernatural find that the guidance and knowledge of gifted psychics and mediums can help them in their everyday life. While in the past it would be necessary to go and find a psychic and have a physical reading in the conventional way, the power of the internet means that, these days, a high quality psychic reading is only a few clicks away (and, furthermore, hasn’t ever been such good value).

As usual, we have trawled the internet to find out more about the best sites operating in this market and written one of our trademark detailed reviews about each one of them to help you decide on a service that’s right for you. This buying guide gives you an idea of the most important features on offer and what you should look out for. Enjoy!


Psychic Readings Websites – the basics:

As the majority of our users may not have used these kinds of services before, what follows below outlines the key elements of those services and the features you should look out for when reading our reviews. 

  • Types of reading and services
    As you can imagine, psychic readings is a bit of a broad church and there is actually a wide range of services on offer. Users can get spiritual or psychic readings, tarot readings, horoscope readings and much more. Our reviews highlight the kind of services on offer at each site and how they work, giving you the information you need to choose which one works for you. 

  • Psychic summaries and profiles
    One of the key elements of all of the sites we have reviewed in this category is the way in which sites allow users to learn more about those who practice there. As the services on offer at these sites are so personal in nature, it’s important that users feel comfortable having a full and frank discussion about their life with them. One way to get to know a practitioner before you make a decision is to review their online profiles – this gives you an idea of the type of work they do and what other users think of them. All of the sites we have reviewed in this category have great profiles for their psychics and mediums so we urge you to take a look to decide on someone who fits the bill. 

  • Phone, Chat, Video Chat and more
    While in the past it may have been necessary to head out to meet a psychic to get a reading, or invite them to visit your home, now a reading is only a few clicks away at any of the sites we have reviewed in this category. How you choose to get in touch with your chosen practitioner is up to you, but most services in this category offer a range of options – including readings by phone, video chat or instant messaging – all of which will give you access to great readings in a flash. 

  • Articles and Blogs
    As well as psychic readings of all kinds, many sites we have reviewed also offer additional features or services which help build a kind of community around the actual readings themselves. Particularly popular features are articles, blogs and forums, all of which help users engage with practitioners on the site and understand more about the spiritual world. 


Pricing, Costs & Special Offers

As with many of the services we review, the price that customers are looking to pay for their reading will be a motivating factor in most cases. Although the pricing structure will differ considerably from service to service, the majority of the services we have reviewed price their readings based on a per-minute fee. This means that users can choose a psychic based on their per-minute charge-out rate and decide how long to stay on the line as a means of controlling the cost of their reading.

This also means that users can decide whether to have a short reading to get answers about a particular question or a full reading dealing with everything from love to careers. Most sites also offer special offers and promotions on first registration and throughout the year in order to reduce the price of further readings. 


The Bottom Line

As always, our reviews give you the lowdown on the things we think you should know about these sites, but most users will simply want to pick a service that they feel comfortable with and which offers great value. Being such a personal service, we understand that customers will be interested in making sure there is a practitioner available who they feel comfortable talking to – so be sure to check out the profiles of those on offer at each of the sites we review to find someone you like. After that, the answers are only a few clicks away!