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California Psychics Review

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Taking the number two spot in this category is California Psychics, a market-leading site which has been providing customers with advice about their lives, family, relationships, careers and more since 1995. California Psychics prides itself on shaking the negative image connected with “dial-a-psychic” services, having strict admission criteria for new psychics and requiring all practitioners to stick to a clearly defined code of conduct, relating to the accuracy of their predictions, compassion and professional demeanor. As a result, you may have the opportunity to chat with some of the best psychics, spiritualists and mediums in the world. If this sounds like the sort of service you might be interested in, read on to find out everything you need to know about California Psychics. 

Unlike other services, California Psychics doesn’t host a directory of thousands of practitioners. In order to ensure the highest quality is achieved and maintained over time, the California Psychics team is kept small (well, by global standards) – with around 300 practitioners currently operating with the service. We read that new psychics are rigorously screened to ensure that all customers experience first-rate readings and, on average, only 2 in every 100 applicants make it through the screening process. This, combined with an effective customer service function, means that the quality of reading and service you receive through California Psychics will be second to none. 

  A great selection of professional psychics and a clean, slick and easy-to-use infrastructure.  

So how does it work? In short, it’s very simple – users simply browse through the profiles of psychics on the site to find someone who has the right combination of tools, abilities, style, experience and price for them. Profiles of psychics work in much the same way as profiles on dating sites, in that they give the user a clear idea of what makes that person tick and what they could do for you. A short introduction to the kind of services offered, together with some user testimonials, ensures you know exactly what to expect when you pick up the phone. 

When it comes to getting in touch, California Psychics makes it easy to connect with your psychic regardless of where you are in the world. Once you have selected a psychic, the site tells you whether or not they are online and what their expected schedule is. If they are online, you can either call them directly using the number on the site (together with their extension) or you can provide your own number and receive a callback. If they aren’t online, you can view their schedule and current appointments and book in a timeslot for when they are next available. It’s a simple enough concept, but we were impressed by how well it works and how user-friendly this makes the whole process. 

New customers at California Psychics can enjoy a reading from just $1 per minute, regardless of which psychic they choose – which is excellent value considering the caliber of practitioners operating out of this site. Outside of this special offer, users pay by the minute based on the listed charging rates of their chosen psychic, with practitioners charging anywhere from $2 to $10 per minute, depending on how popular they are. This means that customers have a clear idea of how much their reading is going to cost, right from the very start, and also means that asking a quick question needn’t cost the earth. 

We really enjoyed using California Psychics and think this is the sort of service our readers would like to use too. With a great selection of professional psychics and a clean, slick and easy-to-use infrastructure, we’re sure this service will be popular with all types of user, even those who haven’t had a psychic reading before. Check it out today! 

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