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Oranum Review

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Oranum is a world-renowned community of psychics, mediums and spiritualists of every kind that offers users the highest quality in psychic readings, no matter where they are in the world. Oranum titles itself as a “global spiritual community”, something rather grander than a run-of-the-mill telephone psychic service – so you can expect to find an online community of engaged, interesting and experienced psychics just waiting to help you with your problems. Although not quite taking the top spot in this category, Oranum remains a popular choice with individuals looking for high quality readings at the right price. 

Getting started with Oranum is easy – simply choose a user name and create an account and, once you’re done, you can start looking through the psychic directory to find someone who can help with your issue. The directory contains a tremendous number of profiles, all of which are bursting with information that helps you to learn more about the psychics who operate through Oranum and decide which one will be right for you. Each profile also has a collection of reviews and testimonials from former customers, so you can see what others have to say (about the accuracy and style of the reading or the personality of the psychic, for example) before you commit. 

There’s also another feature that helps customers decide on which psychic to choose that is probably worth a mention. Unlike most other sites, Oranum offers customers the chance to chat for free with a psychic before they commit to paying for a full reading. This gives them the opportunity to get a feeling for whether that individual will understand and respond well to their issue and what sort of person they are. While you won’t get too far without agreeing to pay your psychic for a reading, it’s helpful nonetheless. Once you’ve chosen a psychic, you can pay them in Oranum credits – this helps to reduce confusion that would otherwise by caused by using multiple currencies on the site – which are available to purchase instantly through credit card or debit card. 

As Oranum is an “online community” rather than just a regular psychics site, we couldn’t review this service without giving some column inches to the other features on offer here. One of the main community elements is the selection of “clubs” on offer at Oranum. Clubs (covering as diverse topics as meditation, astroenergetic tapestry, vegetarianism, wicca and even recycling) are often run by psychics on the site and contain articles, posts, conversation and more relating to the relevant subject. This can be a great place to find out more about a topic that interests you and a way to meet other users of Oranum that share your interests (they can also be a great way to discover a like-minded psychic!) In addition, the site’s “Galleries” feature allows users to share photography and artwork, while each user can also invite others to chat to them using their own “hall”. 

Oranum is a great site that combines good quality psychic readings with a range of community features that make it a fun and interesting environment to be a part of. If you’re looking to join a psychic readings service that’s more than just “dial-a-psychic” then look no further – Oranum is for you!

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